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5 Reasons to Use Dog Deodorant

We get two main reactions to the words dog perfume: "I love dog perfume! Do you carry cologne for my dog?" or the opposite, "Why would I want to put harmful perfume chemicals on my dog?!?". In response to both of these reactions, Wondercide developed an award-winning dog deodorizing spray, Fresh, that offers a great scent like perfume but doesn't contain any of perfume's harmful chemicals, and unlike perfume, does more than just cover up bad smells.


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Here are 5 reasons to use holistic dog deodorizing spray:


1. Dog Deodorant is More Than Just Perfume

Most dog perfumes temporarily cover up bad smells by creating artificial "good" smells through the use of alcohol and toxic chemicals. Fresh, our dog deodorizing spray, does so much more than this. Fresh smells great, but it also treats the source, not the symptoms, by healing the skin issues that are causing your dog's stinky smell.

2. Fresh is Non-Toxic

Scientific tests reveal that many perfumes contain a dozen or more potentially hazardous synthetic chemicals. These secret chemicals are almost never listed on consumer labels but are known to cause hormone disruption (which can lead to cancer, fertility issues, and thyroid problems) and cause allergies.

Given the toxicity of typical perfumes, we made sure our dog deodorizing spray contains no bad ingredients. Fresh uses only natural, non-toxic ingredients – we promise! See for yourself.

3. Dog Deodorant Actually Heals Skin Issues

Like we mentioned earlier, Fresh gets to the root of any skin issues that are causing your dog's stinky smell. How? Fresh contains healing neem oil and soothing therapeutic-grade essential oils, which help treat bacteria, fungus, or other skin issues that may be causing Fido's odor.

4. Fresh Leaves Your Dog's Coat Soft and Silky

Fresh contains natural ingredients. One added bonus of using natural ingredients is their multifaceted benefits! Neem oil, coconut, jojoba, and vitamin E all work to moisturize your dog's skin and coat, so they'll leave your dog's fur radiant and soft to the touch.

5.Fresh is an Editor's Choice Award Winner with Natural Pet News

We can tell you all day about how amazing our deodorizing spray for dogs is, but don't just take our word for it! Natural Pet News named Fresh an Editor's Choice Award Winner in 2014. Even the experts know that with the great smell, healing power, and healthy ingredients, Fresh is a must-have for every pup owner! Why do you use dog deodorant? Did we miss any reasons? Share in the comments!


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